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This Privacy Statement explains how B&B La Belle Lumière makes use of your personal data.

Wich personal data will be collected

When you make a rservation with us, we collect your nane, (adress), phonenumber and email-adress. The data will be collected bij telephone of email of by form through our website It is also possible tht these data will be received bij the intermediairs or Smartbox. B&B La Belle Lumière subscribes the privacy statements of and Smartbox.

How do we use these data

Your name and adress are registered in the guestregister. This register is our planning but serves also the declaration of touristtaxes at the end of the year. On request the police can consult this register. your phonenumber and email-adress will sometimes be used to communicate with you about arrival time, forgotten items etcetera. So only for things that concerns your visit on that moment, Thedata will not be usedfor other purpose, like marketing, promotion or others.

How are the data saved and for how long

The data received by email, included those by the website, of Smartbox, are removed after maximum 3 months. This time is needed to check the monthly statements by and Smartbox. The guestregister is a paper document that will be saved for the touristtax en income tax. Because of governmenrt rules the registers en bookkeeping will be archived 7 years. Then they will be destroyed.

Admisson to your data

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we received about you. If you wih a copy of this information, you can send an email to

Cookies and comparable technics used

B&B La Belle Lumière does not use cookies.


B&B La Belle Lumière is serious about your data and takes measures against abuse, loss, unauthorized admission, unwished publication and illegitimate modification. If you have the impression that your data are not well protected or there are leads of abuse, you can contact us by